April 18, 2021


Main Features
• Spotting and prespotting agents.
• For laundries and professional users in textile cleaning.
• For use in water.
• Specialized spotting and prespotting agents for quick and safe removal of the following stains:
• S1: Removes paint, lacquer, adhesives, smear, ball point, tar, nail polish, lipstick, ink and similar grease-bound spot substances.
• S2: Removers blood, albumen, food remains, milk, ice cream, cream, beer, chocolate, cacao, sweat, pigment soiling, urine and similar albumin-bound spot substances.
• S3: Removes coffee, tea, wine, coke, fruit juice, liquor, tobacco, grass, perfume, medicaments and similar tannin-bound spot substances.

Main Applications:
• Specially developed for application as stain removers in wet cleaning processes.
• S1 /S2 /S3 is put directly onto the stain, depending on the sensitiveness of the garment tamp, with a brush and dry clean within 15 – 30 minutes after spotting. In case of aged stains or stains difficult to remover, let react longer.
• In case a spotting table is available the well known spotting technique with steam gun, vacuum suction and the use of compressed air in combination with mechanical effects of tamping the brush or use of a ultrasonic gun will increase stain removal effects.
• Unknown stains: have to be treated starting alkaline with S2 /blow dry / continue neutral with S1 / blow dry / finish sour with S3.
• Testing the colorfastness: Prespotting conditions and the use of S1 /S2 /S3 have to be adapted to the sensitiveness of the textile. Textiles like silk, viscose, micro fibers or acetate in case of any doubt in regard of the color fastness have to be tested before prespotting. To do this, the stain remover of choice is dropped on a white cloth of cotton, rub carefully on a hardly visible part of the textile to check the colorfastness of the dye. In case of color transfer to the cloth, do not prespot.
• Non-distilling machines: In non distilling machines we recommend stain removal with the post spotting method, all stain removers after the use should be flushed out and dried with compressed air.

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