June 24, 2024

Industrial Adhesives

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KF 04 : Self Adhesive (Pressure Sensitive)

Offers excellent adhesion on various substrates such as PVC, PE, PP and cellulose based suports.

  • Base:copolymer of acrylic ester 
  • Color: white

Product Number: ADH-4-2

KB 68 : Remoistenable Adhesive

For all kinds of enveloppe stamps and paper rolls and all kinds of craft paper products.

  • Base:blend of modified starch
  • Color: yellowish white

Product Number: ADH-4-3

SV / 5 : Envelopes Window Ahesive

Adhesion of UV treated paper labels. Adhesion of many types of paper on non porous surfaces such as PP, PET and PVC.

  • Base:copolymer resin emulsion
  • Color: white

Product Number: ADH-4-4

KF 202 C : Adhesive for Envelopes Ends

Does not affect printed colors. Suitable for use on porous substrates such as paper, carton, wood (carpentry) synthetic sponge and fibers.

  • Base:partially plasticized synthetic resin emulsion
  • Color: white

Product Number: ADH-7-8

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