June 24, 2024

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Industrial Adhesives

Delta for chemical Industries is one of the leading manufacturers in Egypt for water based industrial adhesives since the 1950's. It supplies different types of glues for numerous industry sectors such as the tobacco, paper & carton, labeling, envelope, carpet, wood and rubber compound industries.


We, at Delta for Chemicals, never stop finding new and innovative products to satisfy the needs of our customers.

This category consists not only of standard products but of tailor made adhesives for custom applications.

Below are some examples of industrial adhesives applications for different types of industries:

- The pharmaceutical industry: we provide adhesives to glue labels on glass, PE, PVC bottles, silicones glass, PP bottles and on all types of cartons.

-The food and beverage industry: we supply adhesives to stick labels on glass bottles, jars and on aluminum foil of cheese boxes. We also produce water and ice-resistant glues for soft drinks and beer along as well as special glues for processed cheese cases, for tea bags and rubber compounds to prevent leaking of materials.

- The Tobacco Industry: we offer adhesives for filter tipping, side seam, for chromo-paper on high speed automatic machines and to glue different types of packing boxes.

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