April 18, 2021
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ALKYGLOSS 707 W1: Gloss Enamel Base Paint For Computerized Medium Color Tinting

ALKYGLOSS 707 W1 is gloss alkyd based enamel base paint suitable for computerized medium color tinting.

Main Features
• Adhesion and cohesion power
• Excellent flow and leveling
• High durability - Resistant to weather conditions
• High wash ability - High covering power
• Provides a flexible film
• Non yellowing – Excellent color retention
• Gives a high gloss finish

Main Applications
• Suitable for application over metal, steel, wood, cement, gypsum and plaster
• Suitable for interior and exterior surfaces

Coverage & Consumption
•  8 - 10 square meters/kg or 10 – 12.5 square metes/liter

Also Available for Use in Computerized Color Tinting System:
Alkygloss 707 W0 (light colors) –  Alkygloss 707 N (dark colors)
For export we can provide the packaging sizes according to your requirements

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• ALKYGLOSS 707 N: Gloss Enamel Base Paint For Computerized Dark Color Tinting
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