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KF 90 NS: Assembling Cigarette Adhesive

For very high speed machines (10.000 cig/min)

  • Packing Rate: 9000-10.000 cig/min
  • Productivity:150.000-160.000 cig/kg
  • Base: Plasticized synthetic resion dispersion
  • Color: White visucuous liquid emulsion

Product Number

KF 22 AS: Filter Tipping Adhesive

Special Adhesive for filter tipping in high speed assembling machines. White viscous emulsion. Gives a transparent film when dries Synthetic resin dispersion performed with a water soluble polymer.

  • Packing Rate: 7000 – 8500 Cig/minute
  • Productivity: 146.000 Cig/kg
  • Base: Synthetic resin dispersion
  • Color: White viscous liquid emulsion

Product Number

Filter Rods Adhesives

KF 94 RC: Filter Rods Adhesive

Cigarette adhesives suitable for filter rods manufacturing, specially used on manufacturing machine model KDF2: 5000 R/MIN. Ready for use white emulsion. High binding power. Excellent mechanical stability.

  • Base: Plasticzed synthetic resin dispersion P.V.A
  • Color: White viscous liquid emulsion

Product Number

Side Seam Adhesives

KF 99 RM: Cigarette Paper Gluing

To glue cigarette paper on high speed machines (Decoufle GD121)

  • Packing Rate: 10.000 cig/min
  • Productivity:800.000-900.000 cig/kg
  • Base: Internally plasticized copolymer resin emulsion
  • Color: White liquid emulsion 

Product Number

Closing Carton Adhesives

KB 71 BA: Chromo Paper Adhesive

To glue chromo paper labels 80/850 gm /m2 on high speed packing machines-Very high tech-Quick setting on high speed packing machines.

  • Packing Rate: 400 box / min
  • Productivity:12.000 box / kg
  • Base: dextrin paste
  • Color: light brownish yellow

Product Number

KF 89 RV: Closing Carton Adhesive

Synthetic polymer dispersion performed with a suitable copolymer emulsion to combine high initial tack and fast bonding properties. Designed for closing packets of cigarettes (laminated carton or cardboard). To be used on different types of automatic machines. Leaves a transparent film when dries.

  • Packing Rate: 400 box / min
  • Productivity: 14.000 box / kg
  • Base: Synthetic polymer dispersion performed with a suitable copolymer emulsion
  • Color: White viscous liquid emulsion

Product Number

KB 66 NS: For Chromo Paper Labels

Dextrin glue for chromo paper labels, for use on high speed sasib packing machines.

  • Packing Rate: 450 boxes/minute
  • Productivity: 13.200 boxes/kg
  • Base: dextrine paste
  • Color: Light brownish yellow

Product Number

Multipurpose adhesives

KF 85 SF: Multipurpose Cigarette Adhesive

White emulsion adhesive exhibiting high binding power and excellent mechanical stability.

Suitable for: side seam /filter assembly/ flter rods manufacturing / closing carton

  • Base: plasticized synthetic resin dispersion
  • Color: White viscous liquid emulsion

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