July 13, 2024

Printing Flexo-graphic inks


Printing Flexo-graphic inks

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Product Number
Product code: INK-FLX-W

INKOFLEX–W: Water Based Flexo-graphic Printing Ink

Main Features
• Water based printing ink with fast drying time, excellent dry rub and good water resistance on the film.
• Very good viscosity / pH stability
• Dilution curve almost linear, thus creating excellent machine stability.
• Excellent dispersing properties and high color strength.

Main Applications
• For paper and cardboard industries: to print on kraft paper, corrugated boards, cement bags and carton paper.
• For packaging materials: printing on paper bags, labels, serviettes, tissues, envelops, notebooks and more.

Available Colors
•  Pantone colors
•  GCMI colors
•  Tailor made printing inks colored according to your requirements.

Available Packaging:
Tanks of 1 ton, barrels of 150kg – 100kg
For export we can provide the packaging sizes according to your requirements.

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