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Industrial Adhesives

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Closing Carton

KF UV/11: UV Treated Paper Label Adhesive

Recommended for app types of UV treated paper labels. For manual or automatic high speed machinses.

  • Base: internally plasticzied copolymer resin emulsion 
  • Color: milky white

Product Number: ADH-2-16

Laminatian Adhesives

KF 55 RH : Duplex Paper on Corrugated Carton Adhesive

Recommended for lamination purposes and adhesion of different types of duplex paper with many types of corrugated cardboard.

  • Base: synthetic polymer resin dispersion 
  • Color: white viscous emulsion

Product Number: ADH-2-5

KF 283 : UV & Cellophane Treated Paper Label Adhesive

Recommended for all types of UV treated paper.

  • Base:copolymer resin emulsion
  • Color: milky white

Product Number: ADH-2-7

KF 100 SG : Lamination Adhesive : Varnished Duplex Paper WithTreated Cellophane Paper

Recommended for lamination of glossy or mat varnished duplex paper with treated cellophane paper.

  • Base: plasticized synthetic resin emulsion
  • Color: milky white

Product Number: ADH-2-11

KF 30 P : Paper Lapel on PVC/PE Surface Adhesive

Recommended for the adhesion of all types of paper on PVC & PE.

  • Base: internally plasticized vinyl copolymer based
  • Color: milky white

Product Number: ADH-2/3-1

Multipurpose Adhesives

KB 12/5 MS : Paper , Carton & Cardboard Adhesive

Recommended for printing offices uses and for adhering duplex paper, corrugated cardboard paper, thick cardboard and cardboard angles for packaging applications.

  • Base: modified natural carbohydrate polymer with organic additives
  • Color: yellow brownish

Product Number: ADH-2-2

KF 201 : Multipurpose Adhesive

Suitable adhesion for different types of paper, carton, cardboard, synthetic sponge and fibers.

  • Base: plasticized synthetic resin emulsion
  • Color: viscous white

Product Number: ADH-7-7

KF 22 B : Economic White Multipurpose Adhesive

Suitable to glue all types of paper and cardboard such as agendas and powder detergent packaging and similar types of carton, without affecting printed colors.

  • Base:plasticized aqueous dispersion of synthetic resin
  • Color: white emulsion paste

Product Number: ADH-7-6

SN 48/W : Economic Natural Multipurpose Adhesive

To glue all types of paper suitable for all printing offices uses.

  • Base: modified natural carbohydrate polymers with organic additives
  • Color: yellowish paste

Product Number: ADH-7-9

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