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Siag Chemicals Group is an Egyptian company and industry leader operating in the chemical field. A third generation family-owned business founded in 1958, our name stands for solid delivery of quality products, attention to detail, experience and innovation. Throughout the story of Siag Chemicals there runs one dominant thread: constant investment in research and development, technology, people and the pursuit of excellence.

Siag Chemicals Group (SCG) traces its roots back to 1958 with Mr. Elie Siag as the founder of the group. He established Siag Chemicals, a manufacturing and trading company, in the Wayli district in Cairo, Egypt. The companys activities consist of manufacturing, distributing and selling adhesives, paints, cosmetics, detergents, inks, water treatment chemicals, textile auxiliaries and trading in bulk chemicals.

Siag Chemicals was part of the first successful privately owned Egyptian companies working in the chemicals field. Being a pioneer in the industry, Siag Chemicals gained market share, recognition and established its numerous brands in the consumers minds.

In 1987, the SCG founder, Mr. Elie Siag passed, leaving his son Mr. Nagui Siag as his successor.

Expansion and Development:
During the 1980s and 1990s, the companys activities were growing and diversifying rapidly. SCG further expanded its business by exporting its numerous products to foreign markets, in both Europe and the Middle East, making the SCG gain market share and international acknowledgment.  To accommodate its growth and complexity, two important measures were taken.

As a response to the increase in industrial customer demands, Mr. Nagui Siag created a new company, Delta for Chemical Industries, entirely dedicated to meeting various industries demands for chemicals. Delta Chemicals focused on the manufacturing and trading of industrial chemical goods. Its product categories are industrial adhesives and detergents, textile auxiliaries, water treatment chemicals and trading in both local and imported chemicals.  A couple of years after its creation, Delta for Chemical Industries became an ISO 1900 certified company.

With the expansion of SCGs activities, investment in a new production site became mandatory. As a result, in the 1993, SCG purchased a large production facility located in the 10th of Ramadan industrial district (Cairo, Egypt) and therefore expanded its production and storage capacity.

Through these measures, Siag Chemicals was able to maintain its market leadership position through adopting new technologies in production, expanding product range and building a strong brand image.

Today, SCG is renowned in Egypt and in many other markets as having heritage and great expertise, offering very diversified product ranges in the chemical sector. All this is thanks to the cooperation and teamwork between the production, marketing & sales, distribution and quality control departments. In addition, it has a large and diversified customer base and an R&D department that continuously innovates its products and manufacturing processes to meet and out meet the market standards.

Key Dates

1958 Chemical Trading and Establishment founded by Mr. Elie Siag Chairman
  Siag Chemicals founded by Mr. Elie Siag
1987 CEO, Mr. Nagui Siag
1988 Production and Warehousing land purchased in 10th of Ramadan industrial city.
1993 Delta for Chemical Industries founded by Mr. Nagui Siag
2008 CEO, Mrs. Nina Sayegh

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